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The Pastel Wizard Tarot

The Pastel Wizard Tarot, a lovely, pastel, wizard tarot, is now available from LUNA FACTORY!
When you were a child, did you ever wish you could use magic? This tarot card brings you a little closer to that dream.
Pretty designs for the human eye! All 78 cards depict wizards and many other essences. The characters, depicted in a gentle pastel atmosphere, will lead you to the wizards in the world of tarot cards. Even if you are new to tarot cards, it's okay. A guidebook is included for beginners.
The clear design, based on the Rider version, makes them intuitive, inspirational and practical to use for divination. Why don't you pick up these cards and make your tomorrow a little brighter than the present?

Deck Specifications:

  • Full deck of 78 cards
  • Presented in a matted box 
  • A full-color booklet in English and Japanese
  • By Luna Factory
  • Imported from Japan

The Pastel Wizard Tarot

SKU: 003
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