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The Enchanting Earth Tarot Deck is 80 watercolor fully illustrated tarot cards, a captivating and nature-inspired tarot deck that celebrates the beauty and wisdom of the natural world. With its enchanting artwork and deep connections to the elements, this deck offers a unique and immersive tarot experience. It serves as a powerful tool for self-reflection, guidance, and reconnecting with the earth's energy.


Product Components:

Tarot Deck: The Enchanting Earth Tarot Deck features a complete set of 78 cards plus 2 bonus cards, each beautifully illustrated with lush depictions of landscapes, flora, fauna, and elemental symbols. The deck showcases the intricate interplay between human and natural elements, infusing every card with a sense of wonder and harmony. 

Guidebook: 85 Pages in English

Deck number card

Tarot Cloth: Koi Fish Tarot Cloth

Tarot Pouch: High Quality Koi Fish Tarot Pouch


Written & Designed by: Parithea Studio, Mila Parichat W.

Illustrated by: Wongwiwat Brothers (Mr. Wuttipong Wongwiwat, Mr. Noppawong Wongwiwat), Mila Parichat W.

2023 First Edition, designed in Thailand

ISBN: 978-616-94305-0-6


Deck Specifications:

  • 78 cards plus 2 bonus cards

  • Standard size 7 x 12 CM

  • Holographic foil on the front and back of the cards

  • Holographic Edges

  • Matte Non-Reflective Skin-like-texture Lamination

  • 85 pages full-color guidebook in English

  • Magnetic book-shaped box

  • For Limited Edition Set, we will include the Deck Number Card

  • Designed in Thailand


รายละเอียดภาษาไทย: คลิก

More information on our blog: Here


Ready to Ship:

  • Limited Edition Set: 

You will get 1 The Enchanting Earth Tarot Deck, Deck Number Card, 1 Tarot Cloth, 1 Tarot Pouch


**For orders before 15th September 2023, you will still receive the 4x6 art print and A5 Sticker Sheet. 


Tarot Cloth Size: 610mm x 610 mm

Tarot Pouch Size: 145 x 220 mm

Limited Edition Set: The Enchanting Earth Tarot

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฿2,969.10Sale Price
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